About Justin

38277412_10100175776954516_5498832494331428864_oBorn in 1989, Justin O’Donnell is a proud to be a millennial, and at the forefront of the next generation of Political Revolution. While still in his 20’s, Justin has managed an accomplished sales career, as well as being actively politically involved at local and national levels. At only 28 years old, Justin was selected to serve as a regional representative to the board of Directors of The Libertarian National Committee, overseeing the 3rd largest political party in the United States. He is known for his radical ideas about human freedom and individual Liberty, and willingness to lead from the front in the fight for change.

36828629_10157387996422195_5645534249151889408_nJustin combines his radical views, and his experience in sales and marketing, to bring a fresh new approach to political activism. Focusing on using time-tested sales techniques and conversational skills to sell the radical ideas of freedom and liberty, Justin goes out of his way to engage in discussion with those who oppose his views at every turn. In his book, Selling Liberty: Communicating Freedom in an Unfree World, Justin relays the foundations of these sales skills in relation to political activism. Well known in activist circles around New England, Justin has traveled to speak at events across the country, from New Orleans to Bangor. His talks have ranged from basic introductions to communicating for libertarian activists, to radical speeches about government infringement on our natural rights.

38254868_10100175775991446_4843043962358857728_oWhen he isn’t working, writing, campaigning or traveling, Justin spends time relaxing at his home in Nashua, New Hampshire. He enjoys hiking in the white mountains and traveling to the seacoast to fish for striped bass. In the fall he can often be found at Patriots games with his family, and summer weekends on camping trips with close friends. He is a graduate of The Massachusetts Maritime Academy and served 7 years in the Army National Guard as an Infantryman before getting involved in Politics.